Our Listening Training Program

Initial Assessment

Once a Listening Checklist is received and an initial assessment is recommended, the Listening Consultant will guide you through everything you need to know to prepare. The assessment usually takes between 1-1.5 hours in total. The goal of the initial assessment is to better determine whether the person is a suitable candidate for the listening training program, and if so, what the program is recommended for, along with how it will be done.

The Core Program

Each listener receives an individually-tailored sound program (music and voice) using the portable home-listening device, the LiFT (Listening Fitness Trainer). The sound is modified through various electronic filters and gates before being transmitted to the ear in a pulsating way to achieve the listening training effect. The modified sound reaches the listener’s ears through both air and bone conduction using specified headphones that come in the home program kit.

The sound program is designed to reproduce the different stages of the development of listening. The Receptive Phase works primarily on receptive listening, which is the first stage of communication. In the Expressive Phase, the emphasis is on expressive listening, or in other words, on the auditory control of the voice. Each phase consists of approximately 30 hours each, (1-2 hours/day for 15-30 days respectively) with a 4 to 6-week integration break in between.

The program is monitored with the Listening Consultant’s guidance through regular, scheduled review meetings conducted virtually. The communication loop is always open via email should there be any questions or concerns along the way outside of the review meetings.

Following the program, reviews with the Listening Consultant are planned to ensure the permanence of the changes and, if necessary, to recommend reinforcement “boosts” or make suitable suggestions.